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Hebrew language course


Hebrew is the language used by the Creator to address mankind  throughout the history since Adam. The Bible was originally written in Hebrew, and to understand God’s messages to mankind fully, the knowledge of the  Hebrew language is essencial (for more information on the importance of the language  spoken to people by the Creator click here; the Bible in Hebrew can be downloaded from here or ordered via the internet click here).


The course meterials and instructions for studying and mastering the first level of Hebrew (also known as Aleph level) are available from the links below. These materials consist of video lectures from the course held in Belgrade in 2008, the  course book which was used in the course (this course book is  used at the world’s most prestigious Hebrew University of Jerusalem), audios for the mentioned course book units. Lecturer Zeljko Stanojevic is one of the best connoisseurs of the Hebrew language in  Serbia. He  graduated from the Hebrew University of Haifa, Israel, and taught  Hebrew at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Serbia. He is the author of the Hebrew-Serbian dictionary which is available in all major bookstores in Belgrade, or it can be ordered  from the co-publisher (available in paperback and hardcover)at this link here .


The developing of the second level course (known as a Bet level) is in progress, and first lectures and lessons from the Bet level coursebook can be viewed and downloaded at this web address (the complete Bet  level course  will soon be uploaded). The third level of Hebrew known as Gimel is the level  required for studying at universities in Israel, and the Hebrew Level III (Gimel) course will also be designed.


The entire course of the Hebrew language can be viewed or downloaded for free from the links below (online course). This course is also available on the CD since video quality is better. You can order CDs from If you have any questions regarding the course in  Hebrew, feel free to contact the lecturer by e-mail:


Those who have mastered the first level (Aleph) can contact the lecturer and request to take an exam. If they pass the exam, they will be issued a certificate by the Center of Hebrew Language and Literature that they have completed the course in Hebrew Level I

(Aleph level) course.


Also, the entire Hebrew Level I (Aleph) course is available on 4 CDs which contain the scanned course books, all audios coursebook units, and all video lectures (a total of 41 lectures) with instructions and explanations.  The price of the package is 10 euros- postage fee not included in the price. To order CDs, pleased send an email request to In Croatia, please send an email request  to In Bosnia and Herzegovina, send an email request to

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Please find below links to the Audio for the Course Book Units.

The first two levels of the course is going to start with recording so be patient please and follow our pages.
DALET will be available soon (on English).


A L E F    L E V E L

Book (9,8 MB)

B E T      L E V E L



G I M E L      L E V E L

Book (64 MB)