The Center of Hebrew Language and Literature has completed work on the first Serbian-Hebrew dictionary, which contains 30,000 words/entries. The Center intends to integrate it with the Hebrew-Serbian dictionary making it one book for easier usage. The estimated cost of production for this project is 4800 euros. This covers the dictionary production and printing cost for approximately 1000 copies (750 pages, A5 format). There is a time limit and the manuscript has to be submitted to our book publisher in 30 days.

The Center has worked diligently and conscientiously on the project, and now we need financial aid in the form of 300 people who will make a donation of 16 euros (or 1650 in Serbian currency) so that we can complete the project and publish the dictionary. Each contributor will receive a copy of the dictionary and be added to the list of donors in the dictionary (unless the donor states otherwise). We urge you to contribute to this extensive and very long-awaited project, and help us implement it.

All payments can be made to the following bank account:

RSD: 285-2095090000002-57

Foreign currency bank account: 285-2091209891000-76

Reference number: 777

Recipient: The Center of Hebrew Language and Literature, Belgrade, Serbia

Purpose: Donation to the Serbian-Hebrew Dictionary

When making your payments please include an email with relevant personal information (first name, last name, and address) to, so your name can be added to the list of donors in the dictionary as well as to inform you when the dictionary comes out of the print in order to send you a copy of it.

Thank you for your cooperation and taking interest in the Hebrew language.

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